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Lunch Thurs-Mon 11-3pm, Sun 11-4pm
Fri-Sat 5-8pm

Retail: OPEN Thurs-Mon 11 – 5
Tastings:  available in Bistro by request

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4556 Lincoln Avenue, Beamsville, ON
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Latitude: 43.1766 • Longitude: -79.487

Lazy, hazy, hungry days of August

It’s almost August, the month I am most nostalgic for when the midwinter doldrums hit. August is when summer is really SUMMER. It’s hot and the sunlight is angled and more golden, bleaching the landscape a bit yellow, like a faded Polaroid from my 70s childhood....

Shifting seasons and farewells

As I sit here in my little non airconditioned cottage, it seems a tad ridiculous to write about the onset of fall.  Judging from my cats (picture long, limp draft catchers or dead ants and you get the picture!) it must be upward of 36 degrees in my office.  My little...

I’m Baaaaack

Alright, so I’ve taken some time off.  Not from work of course,  just from communications.  So here’s a brief summary and thought collection from the three weeks of crazy that have preceded this brain dump. The big wedding that had been nibbling at the...

Coming soon…

This is certainly a week of “Coming Soon’s” here in Chefferworld. First and foremost, coming soon is our grand opening.   All of the planning, building, checking, changing, sorting, and guessing comes to fruition this month.  Excitement garnished...

Wine for earthlings

What comes first – the winery or the wine? It is going to be a close call I’d say, as in a little over a week, the 2008 Good Earth Chardonnay will be flowing into bottles.  Nicolette has spoken very highly of her builder, but even he may struggle to beat...