What comes first – the winery or the wine?

It is going to be a close call I’d say, as in a little over a week, the 2008 Good Earth Chardonnay will be flowing into bottles.  Nicolette has spoken very highly of her builder, but even he may struggle to beat the Chardonnay to completion.

Not that there is any hurry though….as our  Chardonnay’s badly behaved sibling, The Good Earth Cabernet Franc will tell you.  Refusing to respect anyone else’s deadlines, our Cabernet Franc (or P.J. to friends) has decided to take it easy in barrels for a few more months.  Trust me – you don’t want to argue with P.J.

So as P.J. rests peacefully it seems summer may have actually arrived.   Our diligent vineyard troops have seen off the Japanese invasion (beetles that is), and the season is looking good for us lucky folk in the grape squashing trade.