Open Thurs-Mon Closed Tues/Wed

Lunch Thurs-Mon 11-3pm, Sun 11-4pm
Fri-Sat 5-8pm

Retail: OPEN Thurs-Mon 11 – 5
Tastings:  available in Bistro by request

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4556 Lincoln Avenue, Beamsville, ON
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Latitude: 43.1766 • Longitude: -79.487

Gearing up to full throttle

I must admit that I have been remiss in attending to our blog.  It’s been just incredibly busy…just the way I like it but finding time for everything is truly impossible.  How does Martha Stewart do it?  Legions of employees methinks! The dreary winter...

The frenzy of “the Holiday”

Doesn’t it strike you as crazy that “The Holidays” are a far cry from what that Hallmark Card would have us believe?  Is it only me?  Where has the “holiday” part gone?  We fall hook, line and sinker for the idyllic picture of a happy,...

Tickled pink!

This is about the 10th time that I have tried to sit down and throw some thoughts out about this summer and all the activities at The Good Earth.  Unfortunately, it seems that between the classes, caterings, people popping in to visit us and midnight rendezvous’...