I must admit that I have been remiss in attending to our blog.  It’s been just incredibly busy…just the way I like it but finding time for everything is truly impossible.  How does Martha Stewart do it?  Legions of employees methinks!

The dreary winter gave way to a very soggy and challenging spring.  The only thing it seemed good for was sitting together as a team to plan for what we think will be a very exciting season at The Good Earth.

On the food side of things, Chef Michael Pasto has been goading our dear contractor Bolek into refining the “pizza hut” .  The result is a great new “wine bar” venue where Chef Pasto will offer a broader summer menu.  We can’t wait for you to experience it!  The new summer bistro menu will be trotted out on June 18th.

We also have had a stroke of good luck as we welcome to our kitchens our dear friend Chef Ross Midgley formerly of Zees and The Kitchen House.  Ross is taking a wee sabbatical with us (and we are thrilled!!!) before launching the latest restaruant for famed culinary icon Jamie Kennedy; Jamie Kennedy on the Falls in Niagara Falls this autumn.  It’s great having Ross in our midst.

With the arrival of spring comes a whole new team of “tastebud temptresses” and “flight attendents”.  Christine is heading up the team of enthusiastic and charming servers who are anxious to get to know all our “earthlings”.

Not everything is rosy.  Our gardens have been very late getting started.  It was interminably cold and wet.  Thank goodness I have Dre to assist with planting and weeding.  She is proving to be a great tamer of Mother Nature and a great help to me in the garden.  The wind storms (and oh, how I hate wind) have cost us some old trees at the pond.  Worst of all, our lovely whimsical canopy over the alfresco cooking school kitchen is now in tatters following last weekend’s flash storm.  We are scrambling to get a roof over head in time for the summer season!

As we sold the last bottle of 2009 Rosé last weekend, it’s officially time to kick off the new summer season.  This weekend is the release weekend for our 2010 Rosé — as delicious as 2009 but with a wee bit more alcohol…supporting the nickname “the panty remover”.

I am looking forward to welcoming back regulars and newcomers to The Good Earth in the months ahead.  As always there is a warm welcome to just come and linger in our little piece of paradise!