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Retail: OPEN Thurs-Mon 11 – 5
Tastings:  available in Bistro by request

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4556 Lincoln Avenue, Beamsville, ON
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Latitude: 43.1766 • Longitude: -79.487

What’s for dinner?

What’s for dinner?  Well if anything, this sudden leap into fall has shown me the question really should be- “what’s the weather forecast?”! Little over a week ago I sat in my desk silently melting as I chatted to our good friend James Chatto...

A few of my favourite things…

O.K.  I Just realized  I’ve quoted  ‘The Sound of Music’ in my post title, but I’m comfortable with it. I’ve had a few random thoughts, theories, tips, and opinions rolling around in my head and quite frankly I believe they are starting to block new information from...

Butter to my bread

I’m not certain that Isa, Patrick and I have quite recovered from the thrill of our “Julie & Julia” outing earlier this week.  We are absolutely giddy with the reaffirmation that our love for all things delicious is indeed a “good...

The Good Earth Gang’s Big Night Out

Now when I refer to the big night you may all be thinking, ooh la la, the gang from The Good Earth went out for some delicious delicacies, some fine wine or brew, and perhaps a rowdy night of  politics, food theory and some all out rants. You could not be further from...