Now when I refer to the big night you may all be thinking, ooh la la, the gang from The Good Earth went out for some delicious delicacies, some fine wine or brew, and perhaps a rowdy night of  politics, food theory and some all out rants.

You could not be further from the truth my friends. We decided to head out to the big smoke of St. Catherines, and watched the movie Julie and Julia. This little movie is based on two novelettes and was a great way for any food lover to spend an evening away from a hot humid night, and to revel in Julia Child’s love of butter for 2 hours.

Patrick, Nicolette, Veronika ( the cousin) and myself barely noticed the frigid cinema air for we could almost warm ourselves by the  incredible food being prepared on screen.  It certainly made us realize that NO, we are not crazy about our love for all foods full of flavour,  and that if loving butter is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

Should you get the chance, and whether you enjoy Julia or not, you should head out to see the film. She was a spectacular lady and lived a wonderful, charismatic life. Who knows, perhaps there is a Julia Child dinner in our future? Any requests anyone?

I for one can’t wait for a chill in the air to replicate the chicken and mushrooms in a port cream sauce. Its like butta dahlings. Perhaps we may want to cook a favourite dish from a our favourite chef. I shall toss this thought around at the school.  Bon appetit for now friends and in the words of Ms. Child herself,

“The only time to eat diet food is when your waiting for the steak to cook.”

Til next time,

ChickWith Tongs