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Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Bistro: Sun, Mon, Thur 11 – 5, Fri & Sat 11 – 8

Winery: Thurs – Mon 11 – 5;
Wine tastings: Thurs, Sun, Mon 11 – 4; Fri, Sat 11 – 5

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4556 Lincoln Avenue, Beamsville, ON
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Latitude: 43.1766 • Longitude: -79.487

Easter’s around the corner…

Easter is around the corner.  It’s my favourite holiday of the year.  I love the sense of renewal, the fresh pastel colours, smiling violas in my planters and bunnies…chocolate or fur!  It’s just such a lovely break from the dreariness of winter....

Bittersweet “au revoir”

Today is a stinker of a day and a particularly uncomfortable one for all of us at The Good Earth.  It’s not just the unpleasant heat and humidity, but the reality that our dear Amanda — the elegant and charming face at the door, cookie and marshmallow...

Cleaning out one’s closets

I have to admit that I really like the whole idea about celebrating the arrival of the new year.  That is to say, I don’t like the false joviality of a raucous New Year’s Eve party complete with ridiculous hats, noisemakers and the inevitable drunken...