There have been a lot of “hairy antics” taking place this month at The Good Earth.  Our team of Food Alchemists – Michael, Patrick and Pit Boss Mike have been valiantly (and at some level struggling) with growing macho moustaches.  Team “The Good Mo” is registered on the official Movember website and we hope to be able to raise awareness for men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer.  It’s a good cause and frankly, it certainly serves to separate the men from the boys …well if we are to judge by the lushness of the moustache.  I know that many woman are not fond of the look, but I must confess that I actually love a good bushy moustache — think of Tom Selleck, Omar Shariff in Dr. Zhivago.  Our loveable builder Bolek has a lovely gray example.  Our talented sign craftsman Jerrit of Zebra Signs has a moustache that even makes the most macho of men envious.  So far, our own “Good Mo” champion is Pit Boss Mike.  I actually am encouraging the application of a little wax to give it that “Snidely Whiplash” look!

Dre prepares to "chop the mop"!

While I appreciate that the lads are suffering from itchiness and also a degree of discomfort and embarassment (they do seem to resemble either DJs in a sleazy strip joint or worse still, sexual predators!), it is nothing compared to the brave actions of our winemaker Andréa.  For those who have met her, you will no doubt have noticed that she is an attractive young woman blessed with the most wonderful, thick dark tresses of long hair!  On December 5th (Chop the Mop), our Dre is going to not just cut her hair and donate it for a wig for a cancer patient but actually shave her head bald!  Now that takes guts…and perhaps a little insanity as we enter the coldest days of the year.

A woman’s glory has always been her hair.  Think of Rupunzel, Lady Godiva, and any number of Disney princesses.  They all share the glory of thick and glorious tresses.  It’s their crowing glory!  The shearing of a woman’s tresses has always been linked to passage into married womanhood,  shaming or a form of penance for female vanity (think of the novitiate Julie Andrews as Maria having her hair cut when she enters the convent and dons the wimple).  Woman have covered their hair (and continue to, in some cultures) to exercise piety.  Afterall, think of the sexy stereotype of the prim and proper librarian who comes undone quite literally as she releases her tresses and unleashes the vixen.  Cascading locks are sexy.  Bald heads just aren’t.

I have always thought that one of the most cruel manifestiation of cancer is the loss of one’s hair thanks to chemotherapy.  No matter how brave a face one puts on or crazy hats, one’s reaction is always the same.  It’s a badge of illness.  A glaring calling card that all is not well.

I plan to be with Dre on December 5 along with her family and friends to support her as she shears of her glorious mane.  Perhaps it’s a bit sensational BUT it does really highlight the awfulness of the disease and the need to find a cure.  Sheepishly, I am going to take the easy way out and offer my support in the fight by sending some money.  I’m not as brave as Dre to bare my scalp for the cause.

It’s a bit hairy right now.  Come December we’ll be a clean cut bunch but happy in knowing that we will have made a wee difference.  And as Dre happily quips…it’s just hair and it will grow back in no time.

Way to go girl!  We know who is the ballsiest in this hairy contest.  Sorry boys!