For those of you who know about  us at the Good Earth, you know we are obsessed about two things: good food, SYTYCD ( those of you in the know know what this acronym stands for) and TOP CHEF. This little diddy of a program comes on every Monday at 9 pm and we are sure to be glued to the set.  There is not much I watch anymore as far as all these “reality” cooking shows, but Top Chef is probably the closest to real we can find. It’s hosts are elegant – not unlike myself, Nicolette, and Patrick.  I, of course, am played by the beautiful cocoa skinned Padma.

The challenges are realistic and are not dumbed down, and the guest judges are some of the most renowned and important chefs of our time. Meaning they are relevant to how the food we see in top restaurants are being prepared and are evolving onto our plates.

Now my lament if you will. I will not be around to watch said show on Monday because I will be in California, where they are two weeks ahead of us.

Being that my main squeeze Shiraz and I have yet to enter the 20th century as per televisions and PVR devices, I have no way to watch said program. I am already fretting this fact and have been for a week now.

If anyone knows how to hook up a black and white TV to a beta VCR , let me know.

On another note, but still hanging with the really good food and excellent chef ideas, the Good Earth is having some holiday fun and we are offering some classes throughout the end of December for those of you who need to get away from the family for three hours, (come on it happens), and a First Night dinner on the 31st of December. Info is at The Good Earth website.

Well, I’m sure the next blog will be about warm California breezes, jammy Zinfandel wines, and delectable plates of goodness from the tables of Sonoma’s best restaurants.

Until then remember:

Days are lost lamenting o’er lost days
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , german poet,1749-1832