Five years ago when the newly minted Good Earth Food and Wine Co. was just born, we decided to self publish our first cook book fittingly called “The Good Book”. It was a true labour of love. Chefs Patrick Engel, Elizabeth DiIorio (Mottiar) and Amanda McSpadden cooked, scribbled, measured and edited the recipes. I don’t think we ever imagined that it would be quite as much work as it was… but it was worth it. It was an instant hit with our “earthlings”!

This week, Chef Therese DeGrace and our “Pit Boss” Mike McColl finished 4 days of intense food preparation and photography. Chef Mike is also a bit of a Bruce Weber of the food photography world, with many cook books to his credit. He is the talent behind Photos with Sauce. Our new cook book will focus on some of the favourite dishes from our popular themed dinners – The Good Girth Supper Club. I am humbled by the breadth of Chef Therese’s creative culinary talent and Mike’s artistic eye. Each of the 39 photos is a mouth-wateringly magnificent masterpiece. If indeed we eat with our eyes…this IS a feast! We can’t wait to get this printed and into the hands of our “earthlings”.  You are going to LOVE the book and gobble it up!

Good Earth cook book falafels The Good Earth cookbook soup The Good Earth cookbook meze platter