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Sarah and Jim tie the knot

Sarah and Jim tie the knot

I’m still basking in the good vibes which enveloped the wedding of good friends Sarah & Jim this past Saturday.

The wedding which took place on the Andrewes Family Farm is about as close to being picture perfect as one can dream.  From the setting, the flowers, the heartfelt sentiment…right down to the double rainbow which framed the garden during the reception…this was truly a wedding that so many couples dream about.

Jennifer of Vintage Design Company. worked her magic with gorgeous August flowers accented with the most perfect peaches from the farm.  Jars of home made jam sparkled like jewels at each place setting.  Elegant yet truly authentic in every way.

I had the weird (and might I say as an acknowledged control freak, challenging) experience of being a guest as well as being the caterer for the nuptial feast.  TGE Chefs Patrick, Isa (also wearing her hat as guest that evening) and Mike delivered a delicious menu (even if they forgot to add a piece of succulent sweet to corn to my plate!).

Oyster heaven

We started with the best oysters from our friend Rodney Clark & charcuterie from the Pingue family.  The first course was a “to die for” heirloom tomato salad (might I add that I harvested all those wonderful tomatoes – latex gloves in tow to keep my “mani” in tact!) with Patrick’s “kick ass” bacon.  The entree was a lovely plate of smoked chicken, ribs with a peach BBQ sauce, grilled slices of steak served up with a refreshing veg slaw and corn bread.  Dessert was a simple basil panna cotta with peach and red pepper coulis.

Who cut the cheese?

Who cut the cheese?

Passion and the love of good food and wine featured were the themes throughout.  Fittingly the bride and groom “cut the cheese” — their wedding cheese cake of “bleu Benedictine”, “Riopelle” & “Oka”.  All this yummy food washed down with 13th Street Winery Gamay and Malivoire Pinot Gris not to mention a whole lot of bubbly!!

Our happy couple are now honeymooning in Quebec City.  I have already received two e-mails from Jim reporting in on “the ridiculously delicious” experiences at a foie gras farm in Ils d’Orleans and Laurier Raphael Restaurant (complete with links to the menu, don’t you know!).  Tonight’s e-mail arrived midway through the degustation menu at L’Utopie….and I quote “…beyond creative.  We are on course 5 of 9 and it is REALLY f’ing good!”

I predict a long and happy life for these two love birds as long as they drink enough wine to keep the arteries clear and the blood flowing!!

Bon appetit!

Patrick and his band of merry caterers take a bow

Patrick and his band of merry caterers take a bow