Well another one of those wretched “Hallmark Card” celebrations is fast approaching…the dreaded “Valentine’s Day”!  I do have to admit that my dislike for the celebration comes with a huge bushel of sour grapes.  As someone who has no human lover, confidant and/or spouse, the idea of being spoiled with flowers and gifts seems so out of the realm of reality.

Now don’t get me wrong.    I wasn’t always such a miserable, old spinster!  Once upon a time, I did have someone special in my life (actually, a few times to be honest) and Valentine’s Day was celebrated…not with flowers, a card and a gift of awkward lingerie but rather with a special meal and a good bottle of wine…or two!

One of my most memorable Valentine’s Days was celebrated with a great love of mine at Rodney’s Oyster House.  For those who are not familiar with Rodney’s (something hard to imagine!), it has built its reputation and fame on having the best and freshest selection of oysters in Canada if not North America…or the world (let’s think BIG)!  This was the Rodney’s of old, located down a set of stairs off Sherbourne St.  We had our rendezvous set for a civilized 7:30 at the Oyster Bar.  We spent endless hours sipping on delicious draft beer and slurping many dozen oysters from the east coast, west coast and beyond.  In fact, I remember that we ended up closing the restaurant.

While oysters are legendary as an aphrodisiac, I had far too much beer and oysters for any romantic hanky panky.  My friend and I stumbled up the stairs to his apartment, exchanged a chaste kiss and took the fast jet to slumberland for a great night’s sleep.  Perhaps the evening won’t go down in memory as a “shades of grey” torrid, bodice ripping wild sex.  It has likely lasted much longer as a fond memory because great food and libation set the stage for a pleasant and fun evening.

You don’t need a lover to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  You simply need a love of life to use this as an excuse for a celebration.  That’s why we are hosting a “love at first bite” themed dinner at The Good Earth on February 14 & 15.  It’s meant for EVERYONE to enjoy.  Come in from the cold and bring your best friend, favourite family member or if your lucky enough to have one…your lover and/or spouse and join us.  Love travels to the heart through your belly they say.  We have a dinner planned that is guaranteed to do that and…you will taste the love with which our chefs prepare the food in every bite.

Looking forward to seeing you and creating a special Valentine’s Day to remember!