It’s official, game-on, for ‘realsies’, and all of the other cliches.  The ‘Good Chardonnay’ is in the bottle.  The first case of the 2008 vintage is in my car as I type (subsequently doubling the value of my car).  Resisting all urges to jump the gun and quaff, I’ve decided to tuck into some Thirty Bench Riesling instead.  The team will be having the first toast soon enough.  Thanks to Ross and his crew for all their work this week!

Well folks, I’m on the loose.  With the family shipped up to the cottage I’ve switched gears from daddy back to cheffer.  A lot of Good Earth newcomers came to the class today and I hope they will dream of ‘Beau Fleuve’ shrimp tonight!!

Next stop, Summer delecTable.  Chow.