Today marks the 2oth anniversary of the Slow Food Movement.  Two decades ago the signing of the Slow Food Manifesto in Paris breathed life into this non-profit, eco-gastronomic, member-supported organization founded to counteract fast food and fast life.

I have to admit that I have never formally signed on as a “member” of the slow  food movement.  To me, much of what the movement embraces is so basic that I marvel that one has to have a formal organization to validate the goals and tenets of this organization.  In so many ways, what the slow food movement embraces is simply basic to everyday life in much of the world outside of the mad-paced, soullessness of North American culture. I would argue that in most other cultures, food – the procurement, preparation and enjoyment of same – is far more highly valued.

I am a great proponent of eating seasonally and trying to support the local farm community wherever possible and practical (and I might add ALL the community, not just the organic growers of the world).  That being said, I also feel that we live in a wonderful time in civilization when we have access to so many wonderful foods from many far-flung places.  The politicization of food, the arguments based on “food miles” and “carbon footprints” etc. leaves me cold.  Why do we immediately have to fall into adversarial camps of food terrorists?

To me it’s really quite simple.  Let’s celebrate the Slow Food Movement’s anniversary by purchasing some Canadian raised meat and local, seasonal veggies, opening up a bottle of VQA wine, calling up a friend or two and turning up the heat!  Good honest food, prepared with care and shared with people we love is what really matters.

If it takes the Slow Food Movement to remind us to stop and enjoy our food, then I guess it has an important role to play in our society.  Here’s to celebrating the abundance of what Mother Nature has to offer and reveling in the deliciousness of it all!