Smoked Salmon & Caviar on Potato Latke

This is a very versatile recipe – adjust the size of the latke and you can have 24 hors d’oeuvres or serve as suggested as a lunch entrée or an appetizer …all just in time for the season of celebrations!

Serves 12
3 medium sized Yukon gold potatoes – peeled
1 small onion – peeled
1 egg
¼ Cup  all purpose flour
1 sprig fresh rosemary – chopped
salt and pepper to taste
1 Cup beef fat (for the authentic version) or vegetable oil

4-6 ounces cold smoked salmon
½ Cup sour cream
2 shallots, thinly sliced
2 ounces caviar (optional)
1 bunch parsley (for garnish, optional)

Using a box grater, grate the potato and onion into a stainless steel bowl.
Squeeze as much moisture from the potato and onion as possible – the drier the mixture the better.
Add the egg, flour, rosemary, salt and pepper and mix well.
Form the mixture into small cakes, about 2 inches in diameter and press together firmly.
In a hot cast iron pan, shallow fry the cakes in beef fat (or oil) on medium heat until golden brown – turning once.  Now they are latkes!

Drain on a wire rack or a bed of paper towels.  Salt with sprinkle of kosher salt.
Spread each cake with sour cream.  Top with a rosette of smoked salmon, a slice of shallot and a ‘dollop’ of caviar.
Garnish with something green and serve with  a crisp glass our 2009 Riesling.

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