There are still a few spots left for the delecTable SUMMER dinner. This is the trifecta of dining! Each course will include 3 variations on the main ingredient – leaving you to decide which of the three will Win, Place, and Show. You can expect a good old country style harvest celebration (especially as we seem to finally have some summer weather)!

We’ll also have a couple of special guests on hand for you rub shoulders with and to pepper with questions. Get caught up on the action at Monforte Dairy with artisanal cheesemaker Ruth Klahsen and find out about her herculean efforts to relocate and build her own dairy. Plus, we’ll  be graced by the presence of Linda Crago of Tree and Twig: fondly referred to in these parts as “The Tomato Lady”. Linda is Niagara’s answer to every possible tomato question – and is ready to field yours.

August 28, 2009. Visit the website to view this delicious menu and to book your spot at the harvest table!